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Celebrating Calvert County's Best Moms and Dads

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 8:44 am by Kate

How can we thank our moms and dads for the integral roles they play in our lives?

Calvert County elementary students made a great start by entering our annual Best Mom and Dad of Calvert County essay contest. 950 students entered the contest, and the competition was so fierce, we had to enlist the Calvert County Sheriff's Department D.A.R.E officers to judge the 100-word essays.

Eva Vasquez-Ward from Patuxent Appeal Elementary School won first place - and probably Mother's Day since her prize was diamond earrings for her awesome mom, Leah! Eva wrote,

"My mom is the best mom in existence

Like a nurse,

she takes care of what hurts.

Like a super hero,

she makes the day great again.

Like an umbrella,

my mom lets no one rain on my parade.

Like a tissue,

my mom dries my tears."

After reading Eva's beautiful poem, we sure needed some tissues too. What an awesome tribute!

The second place winner in the best mom contest celebrated her mom Beeann with a gorgeous essay and a spa day sponsored by Scalped Salon and Spa. Third grader Amaria Jenkins from Beach Elementary School writes that her mom "loves me for who I am, and who I want to be."

Fifth grader Grace Minakowski from Huntingtown Elementary School won third place and a dozen roses for her mom, Lisa, from Floral Expressions. Grace poetically shares, "Every molecule of her body is a glittering diamond that holds such magnificent symmetry. Her scars of cancer have only shone to be her weapons to fight battles through life. And every time she tells me my goals are in reach, I get a few steps closer."

Morgan Cranford, fifth grader at Huntingtown Elementary School, won first place in the dad's competition. Morgan writes that her dad "can only be described as supernatural. He’s our protector, our provider, our confidant." We were thrilled to provide such an awesome dad with a Bulova watch.

Sunderland Elementary's Sarah Hutchinson won second place and a family fun pack from the Calvert Marine Museum. Sarah's dad "wants the best for me like every other dad but his means the most because he’s my dad, not anyone else’s, just mine. He puts on a smile at his darkest moments."

Finally, Windy Hill third grader Jaslene Whitaker and her father, Jeffrey, will be enjoying dinner for two at Jerry's Place. Jaslene shares that "my dad is very dependable. I could depend on him when he was in Afghanistan and I knew he would always face time me which makes me feel great!"

Wow! We are so excited to celebrate these six wonderful parents along with all of the other wonderful moms and dads honored in these essays. Thank you for making our 22nd Annual Essay Contest one to remember!