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Appraisal and Replacement Services

Experiencing lost or damaged jewelry can be a trying experience and appraising your jewelry before a situation occurs is extremely important. Our qualified jewelry and gem appraisers will evaluate your jewelry and provide a detailed description in determining a fair replacement value. There is no better tool to make sure your lost or damaged jewelry is replaced with comparable items. Each appraisal includes photographs and two reports, one for your insurance company and a duplicate copy for your records. Please see store for pricing and details.

Dickinson Jewelers works closely with several major insurance companies to resolve claims. You should always have the right to have your jewelry replaced by a jeweler you trust. We are available to contact your insurance provider and guide you with any replacement claims. The best way to make sure your jewelry is covered by insurance is to contact your agent, provide your appraisal and have it added to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Your insurance company can advise you. We also recommend contacting Jewelers Mutual Insurance at www.jewelersmutual.com. Their rates are very competitive and they provide insurance on jewelry exclusively. Many of our customers use Jewelers Mutual and are pleased with the service and the coverage.