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Four simple rules to keep your jewelry safe this summer

Posted on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 9:59 am by Kate

The smell of Coppertone mingles with the charcoal-y hot dogs on the grill and the juicy watermelon just being sliced. Summer has officially arrived! There’s not much better than sun, swimsuits, and summer adventures.

Whether life has you headed to the beach or relaxing in the mountains, we know you’ll have an amazing time. Your jewelry can have a great season, too, if you take proper care of it. Here’s Dickinson Jewelers’ handy guide to making sure your favorite pieces love the summer just as much as you do.


Is there anything better than diving into a pool on a hot, sunny day? Could there be anything more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub overlooking beautiful scenery on a cool mountain evening? The answer: yes - taking care of your jewelry! From wedding bands to beloved Alex and Ani bracelets, we wear jewelry all the time. However attached we are to our beautiful pieces, though, they should come off while you are anywhere near chlorine or other chemicals. These chemicals can reduce the shininess of diamonds and other gems, and they can actually discolor metals like gold and silver. To keep your keepsakes looking fresh, store them somewhere safe while you’re taking a dip in the pool.


This might seem like an obvious tip, but stop and think about the last time you actually took your engagement ring off while applying sunscreen. If you’re able to think of anytime at all, you’re doing better than most people! Jewelry that we wear daily becomes an extension of ourselves. This makes it all the more important that we take care of it - and all the more tricky to remember to remove. Jewelry insurance companies recommend removing all jewelry, including bridal rings, when applying sunscreen so that the harsh chemicals don’t leave a film. Sunscreen also tends to lubricate the skin, so rings may slide off more frequently than usual. Removing your ring has the added benefit of ensuring you don’t end up with tan lines on your fingers.


Cue up the horror music as you picture this: you’re out on the Bay or river with your family. It’s a picture-perfect day, and you’re enjoying the waves and some watermelon, contemplating getting crabs for dinner. You reach over the side of the boat to wave to a friend, and your hand is suddenly light. You realize what’s happened just in time to watch your engagement ring sink into the bottom of the Patuxent.


Now, think about which you’d rather: dive in after your ring that’s fallen off in the river or grab your bracelet that slid off into the campfire while you were roasting s’mores. Neither sounds fun, right? Keep your jewelry safe during summer fun by removing it and storing it in a safe place, like a felt-lined jewelry box, during the festivities.


Ah, September, that sweet transition month that takes us away from summer but leaves us one month closer to Christmas. The pace of life tends to settle down a bit during September, which makes it a perfect time to have your jewelry professionally cleaned. Luckily for you, this task can be easier than taking your kids school shopping. Just drop your jewelry off at our Dunkirk or Prince Frederick locations, and we’ll take care of it for you! We’ll get those jewels looking shiny and new for you so you can have summer fun without any stress.

Whether you’re setting sail locally or going on a trip, Dickinson Jewelers wishes you the most amazing summer yet! We can’t wait to hear about your adventures.