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Celebrate the new mamas in your life with push presents: birthstones

Posted on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 at 8:52 pm by Kate

Ah - push it. P-p-push it real good!

Singing Salt N Pepa in the delivery room might not go over so well with your pregnant wife. Luckily, Dickinson Jewelers is here to help you score those awesome husband points, whether you have an affinity for 80s hip hop groups or not.

Push presents, or gifts given to a mother to mark the arrival of a new baby, are a hot trend. Celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are frequently spotted showing off new bling after giving birth - a gift from their husbands to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of giving birth! According to BabyCenter.com, 58 percent of mothers received a push present when they gave birth. That number is almost double what it was in 2007, so this is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

One of the most common (and, in our humble opinion, best) push presents is jewelry, and we’ve got some suggestions to make sure your “baby mama” feels appreciated and cherished on this special day!

Birthstone jewelry is a classic push present, and for good reason: it’s a gorgeously sentimental way to mark the occasion. Each month has its own birthstone (or two!), and these can be set into great pieces of all styles of jewelry. Have a July baby coming soon? This Madagascar ruby and diamond pendant is elegant and understated.

Are you a last minute Louise looking for a gift for someone who gave birth in March? Check out our wide selection of aquamarine jewelry. This absolutely jaw-dropping necklace will surely bring tears to a new mama’s eyes - even if you give it a few days late.

If you’re looking ahead for a mother due in April or May, it would sure be hard to go wrong with diamond or emerald earrings. Earrings are a great option for push presents because they are generally out of the reach of new babies as they learn to grasp and explore their new world. We’re a little bit obsessed with these emerald and diamond cluster earrings.

Moms who are lucky enough to be expecting more than one little one - or who already have other children at home - definitely appreciate jewelry to commemorate their whole family. Come into either our Dunkirk or our Prince Frederick locations to talk with our jewelers about designing a piece of jewelry to show off your growing family.