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Zacasha brings a summer feel year-round

Posted on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 at 11:10 am by Kate

Endless summer - it’s the dream, right? Floating in the pool on your Pegasus raft, listening to Lorde’s newest album with an ice-cold beverage in your hand...it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

But summer’s not just a season (no matter what Rita’s schedule would have you believe). It’s a state of mind, and there’s no easier way to get in a summer mindset than with Zacasha jewelry.

One of Dickinson Jewelers’ newest lines, Zacasha makes every day feel like a beach day. These boho pieces are meant for layering, and they’ll make you feel instantly 10 years younger - we promise! Even if musical festivals like Coachella or Bonnaroo aren’t on your summer vacation radar, these pieces will transport you to that laid-back, fun place instantly.

We’re not going to lie: we’re absolutely obsessed with these colorful tassel necklaces. They’re a perfect fun accessory for a beach look. Want to dress it up a little more? Pair a tassel with necklaces of varying lengths for an exciting pop of color. Tassels are all over Instagram right now, and for good reason: they’re one of the hottest trends in jewelry right now.

Not sure you’re quite ready to commit to a necklace layer? Try out some of Zacasha’s bracelets, which stack perfectly. These understated bracelets adjust easily and look just as perfect on their own as they do with five other bracelets. Zacasha bracelets come in all different colors, making it easy to make a statement or to pursue a more monochromatic look.


Layering necklaces is another great way to capture the spirit of summer. These necklaces are incredibly versatile, playing well with other pieces from other jewelry lines we carry. Zacasha layering necklaces are unique in their ability to look as at home at the beach as they do in an upscale cocktail party.

Not sure where to start? Come in and visit our Dunkirk or Prince Frederick locations to try on our new Zacasha line. Our stylists are excited to see what summer look you’ll create!