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Upgrading your diamond is an investment in the future

Posted on Thursday, March 15th, 2018 at 10:01 pm by Kate

Tax returns are rolling in, and our minds are spinning with possibilities. Should we add a new pool? Go on vacation? Invest it all in our children´s savings funds?

All valid ideas, and all sound investments - but here´s an investment people often overlook: upgrading their jewelry.

Jewelry plays such a central role in all of our lives. It´s a way to communicate so much, a way to remember and honor those lost, a way to show one´s love. We wear our jewelry every day, yet we rarely consider investing in it beyond the first purchase. 

At Dickinson Jewelers, we know that jewelry is so much more than a blingy ring. Jewelry tells our story, and our story doesn´t end when he gets down on one knee. Our stories are continually evolving, so why shouldn´t our jewelry do the same? 

Our owner Kathy Dickinson has a fantastic story that truly shows how jewelry can grow with you. She married master jeweler Claude after meeting him in high school, so anniversaries have always been special to them. Kathy knew Claude was making an anniversary band for her because he asked what she wanted to match her engagement ring. She left a note on his desk telling him how wide to make it and without thinking, wrote "...and diamonds as far around as you love me." When she opened the box and saw that he made an eternity band - diamonds completely around the entire ring - her heart melted. It was a "Wow!" moment. 

We love this story because it truly shows the role jewelry plays in our lives. When Kathy and Claude met as teenagers, they probably weren´t imagining co-owning a business and raising three children together. But as they grew together, Claude wanted to commemorate the story they live, reaffirming their relationship with an infinity band.

If you´re not ready to commit to a total overhaul of your jewelry, consider this: many people are not at their financial prime when they are purchasing diamonds for engagement rings. A stone that you received at age 20 is likely very different from the one you´d select on your 25th anniversary. Experts recommend deciding which of the "4 Cs" - carat, cut, clarity, color - you are most interested in upgrading. If you want maximum sparkle, changing your diamond for one with a different cut or more carat weight can achieve this. 

We know that can be overwhelming! That´s why we introduced our Diamond Upgrade Program. At any time you can upgrade your diamond – whether it’s the center diamond in your engagement ring, a diamond necklace or diamond studs, sometimes bigger really is better!

When considering an upgrade, don´t just think about what you want - think about the sentimental value your piece may have. You might wish to upgrade your diamond and keep the old stone to pass down to a relative.You might also be interested in upgrading the value of the piece so that it is more intriguing for generations to come.

Dickinson Jewelers will take trade-ins of diamonds even if they were not purchased from us. A general rule of thumb is that the trade-in can’t be more than half of the purchase price of the new diamond. If you’ve been considering a larger diamond, stop in so we can discuss your upgrade today!