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Spring has sprung at Dickinson Jewelers!

Posted on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 12:01 pm by Kate

Spring has officially sprung! March was definitely in like a lion here in Calvert County, and we’re hoping it really does go out like a lamb because we are ready for sunny days. Daffodils, tulips, and lilies are here to stay, and we’re kicking wintery precipitation to the curb. After all, spring is the time for flowers to bloom...not get buried by snow!

We’re choosing to be optimistic about spring by launching a brand new line that’s just perfect for Easter and all the beautiful days that are sure to follow. Honestly, we think we could all use some butterflies in our lives after all of this snow!

The Maryland state butterfly is the Baltimore Checkerspot, but shh...we think these earrings are prettier! We love butterflies for their resilience. After all, they start as bugs we’d rather ignore, shed all their skin, and turn into breathtaking butterflies we can’t stop watching.

At Dickinson Jewelers, we believe in the power of jewelry to help you see yourself as the beautiful butterfly you always were. This necklace is perfect for that girl in your life who might need a little extra help remembering how lovely she truly is.

We are also ABSOLUTELY drooling over these gorgeous dogwood-inspired pieces. Did you know that dogwood has a special significance for Easter? Legend has it that a dogwood tree provided the wood for the cross Jesus was crucified on. Because of this, it is said that the dogwood tree is both cursed and blessed. It’s cursed to never again be big enough to be used for a crucifix, but it’s blessed by the jaw-dropping flowers it produces every spring.

If you’re as sick of the snow as we are, come by one of our Southern Maryland locations to find a piece of jewelry that will remind you that sunny days are here to stay! Whether you’re shopping for flowers, butterflies, or a gemstone that will make you smile, our stylists in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk are standing by to make sure your optimism is well placed.