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Slip into summer with these tips and trends

Posted on Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at 8:47 pm by Kate

It’s almost here! It might be raining cats and dogs this week, but the calendar can’t lie: Memorial Day has passed, and that means one thing: summer. Is. Here.

With all of our crazy weather this year, summer has definitely seemed pretty far away. Luckily, jewelry doesn’t listen to any meteorologist — we have the hottest jewelry trends and pieces to welcome in the sunshine and poolside days.

When we picture summer jewelry, our brains basically turn into a Zacasha catalog. These boho-inspired designs scream warm weather the same way that a Creamsicle and the smell of chlorine do. With beads and tassels galore, Zacasha can dress up a poolside look or dress down business attire for a “casual Friday” vibe.

Speaking of poolside, it’s not a great idea to take our jewelry for a swim. Whether you’re wearing Zacasha or another one of our beautiful pieces, remember that the chemicals in a pool can discolor or otherwise damage your jewelry. If you’re worried about safety, consider leaving your gems at home or investing in a cool way to hide them, like this Dasani bottle safe.

If you’re stuck inside listening to YouTube videos of ocean noises, you can still broadcast your love of summer. We’re actively drooling over Shy Creation’s understated pieces. Bring the sun wherever you go with these gorgeous 14 karat-gold sunburst earrings. They’re perfect for those days when you’re stuck inside at meetings inside of boating away on the Chesapeake!

Marahlago is at the top of many summer jewelry lists for good reason: these playful pieces celebrate the ocean and other summer attractions. This fun jellyfish necklace definitely makes us dream of Ocean City...or maybe Bethany Beach...or a road trip to the Outer Banks.


As you’re taking off on summer excursions, don’t forget the sunscreen! Nobody likes a sunburn. Be careful with that Coppertone, though - applying harsh chemicals over your jewelry can leave (at minimum) a film. Sunscreen is also a lubricant and can make your rings slip right off. That’s one way to turn a pleasant summer day into a nightmare! Remove your jewelry before applying sunscreen to keep your summer as relaxing as possible.

Your friends at Dickinson Jewelers are available 10-6 weekdays and 10-4 on Saturdays to help you get summer ready. Whether you’re shopping for a summer look, cleaning your jewelry, or (we hope not!) dealing with a jewelry emergency, our stylists in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk are here for you. Stop by and see us — we can’t wait to help your summer dreams become reality!