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Posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 at 9:17 pm by Kate

You already know that you can shop Dickinson Jewelers in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk, Maryland. But did you know that you can now shop us from the privacy of your own home? Or in Timbuktu? Or on an airplane when you’re delayed? We could go on, but this big news won’t wait for us to list everywhere you can shop because now you can shop Dickinson Jewelers anywhere you’ve got internet!

We’ve worked incredibly hard on our boutique the past few years. You might have read our recent blog post about the conference we went to just to bring back new vendors and treats for you, or you might have stopped in store and seen it. We’re so proud of our little boutique, and now we’re beyond thrilled that it’s now available online!

We are so proud of our boutique, in fact, that we want to pick some of our favorite items to showcase. If you love them too, just click on the link to see more information and add to your cart. Eek - add to your cart! We’re so excited that we’re starting to get how Meg Ryan felt when she heard “you’ve got mail.”

One fun part of our boutique is that it isn’t just jewelry! We love this fun pouch. It’s perfect for brightening up those dreary winter days.

Okay, new (online) store, same us: we can’t help but swoon over this GORGEOUS cuff! That gold leaf over turquoise is just divine. It reminds us of an old globe - better add it to our carts before we accidentally buy a one-way plane ticket to an island somewhere!


Many of our boutique lines support small businesses, charities, and workers around the world. We love this sea glass bracelet, developed fair trade to ensure the highest level of artistic integrity. Why not start a bracelet stack with these gorgeous bits of arm candy?

We know what you’re thinking with this one. Has Dickinson Jewelers gone crazy? Are they really selling loose gems now? Never fear: this gorgeous “gem” is really an amazingly well-crafted piece of soap! We can’t get enough of its dainty fresh grapefruit scent.

Ready to explore?  Our online boutique is open 24/7 for you. We can’t wait to hear what you fall in love with!