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Go for the gold with ring stacks

Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 9:16 pm by Kate

Ah, when those rings are everywhere, life is perfect! Five perfect, colorful rings dominate everything and never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

Oh, you thought we were talking about the Olympics? Fair mistake, but who needs triple axels and double-whatever snowboard jumps when you can have rings on your fingers instead?

Stacking rings is one of jewelry’s hottest trends - and undoubtedly a contributor to figure skating royalty Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir’s rumored 10 pounds of jewelry brought to the Olympics. We love this look for its versatility. It’s easy to dress up a ring you already have or layer on several different trends.

With celebrities from Aly Raisman (above) to Rihanna (below) rocking the stacked rings look, it’s easier than ever to make this your statement look.

How can you pull off this celebrity look? Start by making sure your rings are similar but not matching. You might experiment with ring stacks made of similar metals or multiple thin rings. Pick something to keep your look cohesive, then get creative.

We’re also lowkey obsessed with midi rings: rings that are designed to rest above your knuckle. These gorgeous attention-grabbers don’t need to be blingy to be a centerpiece. Accented with a ring resting at the base of your finger, midi rings are the perfect way to start building your ring stack.

From engagement rings to rings featuring the birthstones of your children, our jewelry often tells a story. We specialize in helping you remember life’s most sentimental moments in the most timeless ways. Ring stacks bring attention to your sentimental pieces and allow you to bring out that meaningful gem. Whether you’re sporting an heirloom or a trendy new piece from one you love, a ring stack helps accentuate the importance of your jewelry. We are absolutely in love with this look, which draws your eye to the beautiful, non-traditional engagement ring.

Ready to make your ring stack dreams come true? We might not be able to get you to the Olympic rings, but we sure can get you some beautiful jewelry. Visit our Prince Frederick or Dunkirk locations, and our jewelry stylists can help you plan a ring stack that reflect who you are. We can’t wait to help tell your story!