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Gifts sure to please every graduate

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2018 at 1:16 pm by Kate

Dooooo, dooo, dooo, doooo, dooooooo... Are we the only ones who have the "Pomp and Circumstance" march stuck in their heads incessantly?

With all of these high school graduations around the corner, can you blame us?! This week is graduation week. On Tuesday, Patuxent graduates at 3, and Huntingtown at 8. Northern High School and Calvert High School follow on Wednesday at 3 and 8, respectively. That’s a whole lot of excitement crammed into just two days!

If you’re anything like us, you’re racking up graduation party invites like Monopoly money. You don’t want to be That Guy who brings no present — or worse, a really lame present — to a graduation party. Luckily for you, Dickinson Jewelers is here to save your reputation with our graduation gift guide.

For the graduate you hold near and dear: keepsake jewelry

High school graduation is a rite of passage. One way that you can make this passage even more memorable for your loved one is by presenting them with jewelry sure to become an heirloom. In many families, it’s tradition for girls to receive a set of freshwater pearls, which are often later worn on wedding days. Pair this strand with a bracelet and pearl stud earrings for a gift she’ll love for years to come.

If pearls don't quite suit your graduate, a nice watch is a timeless gift (pun intended). While it’s true that the average college freshman won’t wear a watch daily, it’s an incredible asset to have one on hand when interviewing for jobs. After all, every job’s crazy for a sharp-dressed man (or woman). We love this Bulova watch! It is sure to match that nice suit your grad will soon be wearing to job fairs!

For the graduate with a bright future: meaningful pieces

As graduates go on, they’ll always remember all the time you’ve had together.

(Okay, it’s not 2001, and Vitamin C might be a one-hit wonder, but it’s still true.)

One sweet way to ensure they’ll remember you is by gifting them a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your hopes for them. Praying that your girl spreads her wings and soars? This gorgeous gold feather pendant captures that.

Is your graduate heading far from home? Help them keep Calvert County close to their hearts with our Buster Chesapeake line. Our owner Claude designed this crab, drawing on his days on the Patuxent River, and Buster now graces pendants, bracelets, and lapel pins - all excellent gifts.


For your daughter’s BFF: everyday pieces

High school graduation is such a special time. Alex and Ani bangles are the perfect way to show your daughter’s bestie that you’ve been honored to share this season of life with her. Alex and Ani's collectible bracelets commemorate everything from graduation to college. Alex and Ani stackable charm bracelets are a HUGE trend in the high school and college scene. Begin a stack for your grad today - the entire collection can be found in our store! 

Looking to send that present over the edge? Don’t forget to shop our gift gallery to add that little something. We offer free gift wrapping, so even if you’re on the way to the party, nothing will slow you down. After all, you only graduate high school once - better celebrate while you can!