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Gem event sure to sparkle

Posted on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 at 10:54 am by Kate

Quick! Grab your favorite piece of jewelry. Chances are high that it features one of our gorgeous, sparkling gems. Have you ever really thought about the process it takes to make that perfect piece?

Artinian Gems has. These amazing gem hunters have been finding the perfect gemstone for families for more than two generations. But what does it take to get a sapphire or a ruby to events like our From Earth To Gem To You event on August 15 and 16?

It all starts in the mines. From Sri Lanka to Thailand, Tanzania to Ethiopia, Artinian Gems is sourcing the best gems in the world in mines around the world. One thing we love about them is that they’re not just sending experts into the mines and then letting them cut the gems. Instead, they’re taking local people, providing them with world-class education to become experts, and teaching them all the skills they need for a trade to support their family. Those fair-trade gems you’re buying are helping benefit families around the world - not millionaires or corporations. How cool is that?!

Artinian Gems is also exceedingly picky about its gems. They believe that “each and every gemstone should be carefully and skillfully, cut and fashioned, to bring out its greatest internal beauty.” That means they aren’t bringing just any opal to our events this week; they’re bringing the best opals. The gems they bring also feature a personal touch. They’re not factory cut and manufactured to all look exactly alike. Rather, these gems reflect each and every person they touch - including you. They truly are unique and exquisite!

We can’t wait to combine the knowledge of Artinian Gems and Dickinson Jewelers. Our events in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick will be true source-to-customer events, complete with our stylists, who will help you find the most perfect gem for your look. Come visit our Dunkirk location on Tuesday, August 15 from 10-6 or our Prince Frederick location on Wednesday, August 16 from 10-6 to experience one of the best collections of ethically-sourced gems.