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"Ring" In The New Year With Dickinson Jewelers

Posted on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 1:23 pm by Kate

3-2-1...Happy New Year! The ball has dropped, and the confetti is swept up. But just because all the champagne bottles have been popped doesn’t mean the celebration has to end! What better way to say hello to a fresh, promising new year than with new jewelry? Let Dickinson Jewelers help you “ring” in 2017 with a brand new ring.

A ring with meaning

When we look back at years past, one thing sticks out: our relationships with others. Whether you had a memorable 2016 or you’re beyond ready to leave it in the dust, there surely was a moment where you connected with someone else. Why not remember that moment with a beautiful ring?


This garnet and diamond ring is perfect for someone celebrating an anniversary or milestone with someone they love. Diamonds symbolize eternity, so linking the garnet stones with diamonds shows that the love between you will never end. Experience some tough moments in 2016? Diamonds form under intense pressure, so this ring beautifully captures the wonder that can happen when you stick it out.

Celebrating a new arrival? Have one of our master jewelers design a ring with your child’s or children’s birthstones! These rings keep your loved ones close to your heart...and they’re just gorgeous to look at!

Fashion rings

According to NBC News, some of the top 2017 resolutions have to do with looking good. Why limit yourself to the gym when you can upgrade your look with a fashion ring? Stop into either of our two Southern Maryland locations and find a ring that’ll make your jaw drop. Invest in your happiness by making sure you have something beautiful to look at every time you see your hand. We’re personally drooling over this gorgeous amethyst and diamond ring. Talk about a show-stopper!

There’s no reason to stop at just one ring, either. One of the trendiest looks right now is ring stacks. Fall in love with multiple rings, and display them proudly by stacking them on a finger! Feeling a little overwhelmed? Check out our blog to learn more about how to stack your rings like a model.

The ring

Did you hear a very special question over the Christmas holidays? Are wedding bells ringing in your ears? Then you know that your 2017 statement piece isn’t just a ring...it’s THE ring! Engagements are our specialty at Dickinson Jewelers, and our stylists can help you or your fiance find the perfect ring. If you’re the creative type, though, take a second to explore our online engagement ring designer. You can easily personalize your dream ring by exploring settings, diamond shape, and style. It’s easy to see exactly which diamond you’re dreaming about!

Haven’t heard the question just yet? Feel free to “accidentally” leave our virtual ring designer open on the computer. We’re big proponents of dropping hints however we can - that’s why we have an online and in-store wishlist service! Hey, we all need some pointers, right?