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Four Last Minute Gift Ideas To Save You From Holiday Stress

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 at 9:35 pm by Kate

Think fast! It’s December 21, and you’re increasingly convinced that you’ll never be done Christmas shopping. You put it off a little bit too long, and now your winter wish list has snowballed (pun intended). Do you:

A)    Panic and stop shopping

B)    Buy everyone a generic gift card to an online shopping supersite

C)    Throw your hands up in the air and just get everyone socks, or

D)    Become a holiday superhero by going to Dickinson Jewelers?


The answer’s obvious, right? Of course you want to be a holiday hero! Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide to some jaw-droppingly amazing last minute gifts.

But let’s be real. It’s late December – you don’t have time to flip through a whole catalog. Santa’s practically on his way! To help you save the holiday, we’ve put together a greatest hits list for you of some of the best last minute gifts in our 2016 gift guide.


For the love of your life

The jewelry company TwoGether’s motto is “when one plus one equals us,” and their gorgeous diamonds truly embody that. After all, diamonds are forever – what better way to show your love? We love these gorgeous earrings.

The two stones symbolize the two of you, and the fact that they’re diamonds shows your certainty that the two of you are forever. We can’t guarantee that she’ll cry when you give these to her, but it’s probably a pretty safe bet!


For the niece you talk to twice a year

Oh, man. Who’s harder to shop for than someone you love but don’t know very well? This can be super tough! Don’t quit and give a questionable “spa set” from the bottom of a generic Christmas gift pile – get something meaningful from us. This snowflake Rhythm of Love pendant is something special she’ll be able to break out for every winter party for years to come.


For the trendsetter

Mark our words: Rhythm of Love jewelry is the next big thing! These amazing pieces of jewelry have been flying off of our shelves, and for good reason. Check out how amazing these earrings are – we love how unique they are without being over-the-top or gaudy. They’re truly unique! For the woman in your life who loves to stand out, Rhythm of Love jewelry is the way to go.


For the bling-lover in your life

We all know Beyonce said it best: you shoulda put a ring on it! Whether it’s THE ring or just a beautiful ring, we have the right one to suit your needs. Nothing makes a bling-lover light up the way a beautiful ring does! Our owner Kathy loves Vahan jewelry, and this ring certainly shows why.

Go on, take a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. We'll wait.

Still fretting about Christmas shopping? First, take a breath. It’ll be okay! Let our staff at our Dunkirk and Prince Frederick locations take care of you. They are highly trained and simply amazing at finding exactly the right piece of jewelry for the loved ones in your life. We promise you’ll leave calmer and knowing you’ve got Christmas in the bag!